When Demons Walk – Yeah, again.

353 AB – Creation Day (ante bellum – before war)
The world is inhabited by a supposedly immortal race known collectively as the Deorum, but their immortality breeds boredom. Their leader, a man named Asgard, searched for the means to create something to bring entertainment to him and his people. What he found was the means to create life itself. And so he created two races; the humans and the demons. The humans were almost perfect replicas of the deorum themselves and they were showered with love and adoration from Asgard and his fellows. But the demons were imperfect; merely grotesque monsters in the eyes of their creator and they wept in shame.
0 AB – 1 PB – The Cleansing (post bellum – after war)
Unable to take the neglect any longer, the demons ceased their weeping and cursed Asgard for the life he had so wantonly given them and the centuries of neglect that had followed. They gathered a small army, armed with little more than farming tools and surrounded Asgard’s palace, demanding that they speak with him.
Asgard met with them and apologised for his wanton ways. He then took his blade in hand and struck down the nearest demon.” It is high time I corrected my grievous mistake.” Those were his words. By nightfall not a single demon at that gathering was left alive. Asgard sent out his armies to eradicate the demons, his mistake, but the demons refused to die quietly. They spilled their share of deorum blood, but they were no match for Asgard’s armies.
The demons’ leader, Kefra, approached Asgard under a flag of truce, begging him to end the slaughter. And Asgard replied by slitting his throat. After five years, Asgard finally called a halt to the slaughter, though none but him know why. He rounded up the remaining demons, opened a gate to the Nether Realm and cast them into its dark void.
And there they will remain for all eternity, or so Asgard believed…


Prophecy speaks of a day, not far from now, when the gates to the Nether Realm will be opened and the land of Asgard (named after the High God) will fall into despair. Brother Calik van Heiss has no desire to let this happen. In fact, he would rather exterminate the demons himself, especially the one attached to his soul which was responsible for his father’s death. But someone else has a very different idea about the fate of the demons. Someone has a very dark purpose in mind and they need Calik’s demon-tainted soul in order carry out their plans. But Calik escapes, and with the help of some unlikely allies he must find a way to exorcise his demon and put a stop the dark plans of a madman. However, things are not as they seem and Calik will be forced to accept that his own personal vendetta is just a meaningless distraction from the truth about his world.

This game is suitable for peoples of thirteen and over.
Contains: violence, infrequent use of stong language, crude humour, suggestive themes and mild horror.

Calik van Heiss
Age: 35
Occupation: Acolyte
Class: Priest
Weapon Style: Bow
The son of a fallen noble house from western Asgard, Calik now lives as an acolyte in a monastery under the Order of Salos. Fuelled by a burning desire for bloody vengeance, he can sometimes lose his temper where demons are concerned, though in general he is a friendly and helpful individual.
Fun Quote: Shouting isn’t going to help, he’s mute, not hard of hearing.

Ark Welkand
Age: 37
Occupation: Treasure Hunter
Class: Bandit
Weapon Style: Dual Weapons
No stranger to the life of a nomad, Ark travels the land in search of treasure. He is an accomplished tomb raider, though he started out as a thief in Shamara (a desert island south of Asgard) at a young age. He’s never afraid to speak his mind even if it makes him sound crude or often rude and he’s very argumentative especially with Benedict.
Fun Quote: It’s not the smiles on people’s faces that makes me happy, it’s the reward.

Benedict Giles
Age: 64
Occupation: Ex-Butler/ Conman
Class: Shape Shifter
Weapon Style: Firearms
Once a respected Butler, Benedict fell from grace following the tragic death of the family he served. Blaming himself for their deaths, he locked himself away in the family mansion and went mad with grief. He’s very sweet and unquestionably loyal, though he has the tendency to briefly return to his wallowing ways.
Fun Quote: I’m not mad, I’m just a man who sometimes masquerades as a cat.

Ellin Barnaby
Age: 32
Occupation: Housewife
Class: Witch
Weapon Style: Staffs
The young wife of an elderly nobleman, Ellin is no stranger to luxury and demands the finer things in life. But she harbours a terrible secret, one that could sign her death warrant. She’s a witch. Though she may act spoilt at times, she hides a vulnerable side beneath her hard and very flirty exterior.
Fun Quote: Just stop right there, honey, I am way out of your league.

-Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting and more.
-Special Equipment
-Old Joe’s Equipment Vendor
-Battle Pets
-Hidden Characters
-Secret Areas and Bosses
-Overdrives using special Demon Powers
-Arena mini-game

For screenshots please follow this link to the RRR Forums.

Righty dokey. The shiny new demo can be downloaded here. Now contains 100% fewer bugs (not an actual percentage).

Dark Horseman

Scripts currently in use
OriginalWij – Named Save File
Woratana – On-Screen Shop, Auto Back-Up, Icon Preview Index, Restore On Lvl Up
Yanfly – Victory Aftermath
SowS – Bag Pockets
wltr3565 – Walking Menu Sprites
Modern Algebra – Quest Journal, Advanced Text System
Dorkfr3sh – Player Location
KGC – Overdrive System, Custom Menu Command
Aindra – Custom Lists &Pages
BulletXt – Thomas Edison VX
LordHeinrich – Sell Item Overhaul

Carsten Jessen aka Da Buzz
Christopher White

Feedback, suggestions and critique are always welcome.
P.S. I know I’m not a very good mapper, but I’m working on improvements and plan a total revamp of Kasbur Town and other areas.

~ by Jess Wiles on July 30, 2011.

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