The Day Nobody Died

Torchwood: Miracle Day is due to come to a close Thursday this week and I am still confused.

At first I was wary. After the horror that was Children of Earth, which was good until that final episode, I thought that I would be unable to enjoy Miracle Day without all the old characters. I was wrong. Having it set in America is strange, but not bad. It’s thanks to the new setting that we get great lines like “You English are all the same” “I’m not English, I’m Welsh!”. New Torchwood wannabes, Esther and Rex are a great addition to the dynamic duo that is Harkness and Cooper, each bringing their own spin to the gang. And you get to see them grow, even over just ten (well nine) episodes.

I have to admit, I even like Oswald Danes not as a person (he’s the worst example of a human being), but as a character I think he’s fantastic and Bill Pullman’s portrayal of him is worthy of a Bafta, or whatever is better than that.

There is one problem with this series, however. We’re seeing too much sex. OK, it’s not even the sex, it’s the way they show it. Most programmes show it under the covers at a distance in the dark if at all and they don’t do sex montages. This programme did. We had a big montage of Jack having sex with this bloke. This is 9.00pm TV people, not porn.

But as I said earlier, I’m still confused, very confused. By now we’re supposed to know something, right? But all answers seemed to have been saved for a grand finale and I for one can’t wait. There are two ways this thing can go. Either it will be a fantastic ending with all questions answered and everybody happy, or it will flop. And after Children of Earth I’m worried it’s going to be the latter.

But we’ll find out this Thursday 9.00pm. Be there or be somewhere else.

~ by Jess Wiles on September 11, 2011.

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