Let’s Get Sneaky and Kill Some Zombies

Recently I felt the urge to play Thief: Deadly Shadows again, and being the wanton creatures that I am, I went ahead and played it. I decided to start afresh as when I left it I had little money and very few arrows, so this time I played the conservationalist.

Now, last time I gave up playing because it stopped working properly. It still keeps flaking out on me, but that only happens when the disk gets too hot so I can get a good hour’s play time in before it conks out. But it turns out that wasn’t the only reason I stopped playing. Let me paint you a picture.

There I am, sneaking around the Hammerite’s churchy thing, deep in the bowels of the factory bit. I’ve just KO’d a Hammerite guy, there’s a zombie in the furnace, so I turn the furnace on and dust the sucker (there’s treasure where the zombie is and it therefore needs dusting). Now I can hear other zombies and I know exactly where they are. They’re in cells – locked cells that they can’t get out of – and there’s a switch on the wall beside on of the cells. I know what the switch does, but I press it anyway. One of the cell doors opens and the zombie saw me and started running at me. I screamed a little inside, then the game froze.

So, in short, the other reason I stopped playing was zombies. I hate zombies, they scare me, and yet even after my near-zombie experience I still went back for more.

Thief is actually a pretty good game and I got it dirt cheap. The lock picking mini-game is really fun and you have tons of different arrows (well, like five) that each do a different job (water arrows put out lamps, gas arrows suffocate people, noisemaker arrows grow kittens…I’m kidding, they make noise etc). The only problem is combat. Once an enemy spots you, you’d better leg it ‘cos there ain’t no way you’re going to take him one on one. The best thing to do in that situation is run, run for the hills (or better yet somewhere dark) and wait for him to put his sword away, then run out when he’s not looking a give him a taste of blackjack! You could always stab him or shoot him, but that just makes a mess. No, it actually does then other enemies come get you.

So barring the zombies and the combat, this is a pretty good game. For now, I’m going to give it 7/10, but we’ll see what I give it when I get to the end.

~ by Jess Wiles on September 14, 2011.

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