The Hall of Fame

Welcome, welcome to Proto-Typing’s Hall of Fame. We’re glad you could make it. In these hallowed halls you will find the winners of The Battle for Supremacy, forever glorified in purest chocolate…Hey, back away from the statues! Don’t you lick that! Oi! Leave the thermostat alone! Ahem, sorry about that.

Let me take you on a tour of our previous winners.

Jess vs Sophie

These heroes fought bravely (I say heroes, more anti-hero and a friend that got dragged into it) and in the end a winner could not be decided so we made our first chocolate statue (stay behind the barriers, don’t make me call security) of the pair of them locked in their epic battle. You may notice that Jess has no face…we didn’t make a mistake. See how Sophie’s practically indestructible nose deflects Jess’ elbow whilst Jess giraffes out of range of Sophie’s scream. It truly was a spectacle.


Captain Jack Sparrow vs Long John Silver

This wasn’t so much of a fight as a drunk man beating on a cripple. It was thoroughly entertaining though. At the start of the fight, Long John Silver slipped on some parrot droppings (dropped from his parrot I might add) and from there Captain Sparrow was able to kick him into submission with some very girly footwork. So here you can see the victor, Captain Jack Sparrow, forever glorified in delicious chocolate (Hey! Stop licking him! I know he looks delicious but you can’t lick him! Security!).

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